J.W. Anderson AW2012 - elysium.e Review

We can always come to expect some form of narrative throughout J.W. Anderson’s work, a collection of character’s clearly tangible and typically nonsensical. This time around the shapes seem reminiscent of Japanese Samurai body armour, with looks crowned by a synthetic pliable helmet. Protective quilted forms are unconventionally slashed and tied at the waist, though above we find a more formal approach with recognisable coats and heavy tanks. A collection of puffa looks cushioning this urban fashionista from all that surrounds.

This guarded quality is magnified by close collars and neck hugging curved cuts upon generous comfortable patterns. The occasional hyper-modern plastic volumes contort as models grace the catwalk, iridescent creases enticing prying eyes and surrounding lights. Here a tulip tailed sci-fi skirt allows for a flash of dull flesh, suggesting a wearable ensemble. Furthermore Anderson’s adventurous spirit runs alongside a simmering sense of heritage, with suggestions of a plausible plaid.

Naturally these reviews are completely subjective, there is such a frivolous creative freedom here that warrants an entirely personal appreciation. Wherever the inspirations might transpire, it’s the engaging playfulness of Anderson’s work that appeals on so many levels.

Words: Scott Goldthorpe