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" I think that juxtaposing recognisable styles expresses something everyone can resonate with in some way. "

*'Tauromaquia' _ Photography: Sebastian Troncoso _ Model: Humbert @ Francina _

Giulia Marsili is one very busy stylist, for good reason might we add. Recently relocating from Spain to France, our feature got somewhat tangled between her boxed-up life, this lady is quite literally on the move. With works featured within the likes of, NEO2, Carbon Copy, Client Magazine and FAULT, her educated eye for style is now utilized as an intrinsic part to the team at - potentially our choice publication - FIASCO.

We get serious about the general disregard for what it is she actually offers to the industry & those prying questions proposed by a sociologist mother and a psychiatrist father. Though most importantly we cover Marsili's optimum inspiration, the delightful male models she rubs shoulders with on a regular basis - Tobias Sorensen *swoon*

ElysiumEditorial: Regardless of the trade we chose, we must always master how we handle our tools. The tools in your case being the garments, we assume you developed your feel for the role through some form of fashion training?

GiuliaMarsili: I graduated in Fashion Design from IED Roma and then attended a specialist course in Fashion Styling at IED Barcelona. But I think the only way to ‘learn’ how to style is to simply start doing it

EE: Were you always so vividly creative and set on a career in the industry, or is your involvement in the fashion arena somewhat unrehearsed?

GM: I always had this big passion for fashion and mixing different colours or patterns, but I wasn’t sure how to use this. When I was 17 I discovered the existence of Fashion Schools and I had a clear idea in my mind about which industry was the one I wanted to work in. Since that day I have never looked back

EE: For the slightly uneducated amongst us, could you explain why a stylist is a necessity in terms of editorial shoots?

GM: The stylist is the one who expresses the personality of a ‘character’ to be embodied by the model in the story, we decide upon the kind of clothes and how they are to be worn

*'Helmet Ray' featured in NEO2 _ Photography: Sebastian Troncoso _ Model: Alex Dusntan _

EE: In a world where things are judged on their visual value, how do you tackle your personal style in relation to your daily wardrobe and the way in which you present yourself? On a similar note, do you ever find that the way in which you present yourself ever influences your editorial work?

GM: I like to spend time in front of the wardrobe thinking about how to combine my clothes. I love details so I always look for that little tiny thing that makes the difference. This is something I also do in my editorial work. I like to find the right balance between colours, textures, prints, and accessories. I’m also a big fan of the concept ‘less is more’

EE: Scanning through your impressive portfolio, we noticed more often than not you opt to completely disregard colour. Why do you favour a monochromatic finish to your work?

GM: I actually adore colour and you’re about to see proof of this in my upcoming work. The monochromatic finish was mostly due to the mood of a story and a photographers personal taste whilst retouching

EE: Your set for FIASCO – ‘Fatal Attraction’ – is somewhat harrowing, what emotions had you hoped to transmit through the visuals? Do you ever worry such strong emotion might eclipse the clothes and the way in which their worn?

GM: It was the story of a passionate and obsessive lover and we wanted to transmit a mixture of fear and desire. I was not worried at all about emotion eclipsing the clothes because we were focusing on telling a story and letting the reader really feel the emotions, I feel we achieved what we set out too. To do this everything played an important role: the models, the clothes, the makeup, the location, the light and of course the way in which the pictures were taken

EE: Your work featured in ‘The Ones2Watch-Location Issue’ seems to subtly juxtapose a dapper gent with undertones of atheist angst (necklace.) Is it important to contradict and clash recognisable styles in your work?

GM: This can be considered my signature. I think that juxtaposing recognisable styles expresses something everyone can resonate with in some way. Everything must be seen and appreciated from different angles

*'Fatal Attraction' featured in FIASCO _ Photography: Basil Faucher _ Model: Viviane O. @ Photogenics LA _

EE: ‘When people blog fashion pictures, why is it that 95% of the time they totally forget to write the name of the stylist’ – this is a sentiment we share, hence the creation of our site. Is this a result of ignorance or a reflection on our questionable lack of appreciation for a stylist’s creative credentials?

GM: People who do not work in the fashion industry most of the time don’t even know what being a fashion stylist means. I’ve been asked 12345 times to explain what my job is, 12000 of these coming from my family (insert giggles.) My mother is a sociologist and my father a psychiatrist, so you can imagine how confused they were when I proudly announced I wanted to work in the Fashion Industry. The photographer’s name is almost always written bigger than the other names so ‘normal people’ (the ones who do not work in fashion) do not even consider the other names written below. This has always upset me because editorial work is created through a TEAM of people

EE: You seem to be very inspired by the male models of the industry – We assume upon meeting a model, they would become the biggest inspiration for your vision?

GM: I have a passion for Menswear and of course there are models who I feel perfectly match with my way of styling, namely Ash Stymest, Josh Beech, Callum Wilson, Francisco Lachowski, Yuri Pleskun, Alex Dunstan, Callum Wilson, Simon Nessman, Robbie Wadge, Jake Cooper etc. I’ve had the chance to work with some already and I hope the rest will follow in the near future

EE: Naturally we get the opportunity to discuss current views in the industry with the creative’s within it, amongst other things we’ve recognised a seismic shift in opinion when it comes to fashion film. Moving image has been tipped as the natural progression of editorial. As a stylist who has been involved in such projects, do you feel it’s inevitable that in this technical age film will soon completely eclipse photographic editorial?

GM: I think film and photos are two completely different things. I don’t believe moving image will eclipse photographic editorials. A photo shows you a precise moment, an action, an expression, a snapshot feeling, giving you the freedom to imagine what happened before and what will happen after. A video shows you a complex vision of the moment whereas photographs are a mere drop of a moment

EE: The only constant feature of the industry is the yearning for change, how does this disposable quality of fashion effect what you do?

GM: I always try to maintain my own way of styling and creating, though I never stop looking around in search of new ideas and new interesting things. I think that curiosity is the key

*Featured on The Ones2Watch _ Photography: Basil Faucher _ Model: Joan Mirangels _

EE: Visionary - a term bestowed upon very few creative’s, who do you feel is currently creating a vision of the future?

GM: I might sound obvious but I am a huge fan of Nicola Formichetti, working with him is one of my biggest dreams

EE: ‘Destiny is for losers, it’s just a stupid excuse to wait for things to happen instead of making them happen’ – Blair Waldorf. Along with this proactive attitude, what else must a budding stylist have in their repertoire?

GM: The most important thing is to believe in yourself, ALWAYS respect who you work with and equally realise the importance of having a clear image in your mind of what you want to create. Never be afraid of not being able to do something and learn to say no to projects you don’t find artistically engaging

EE: You’ve styled 2 covers for the publication ‘CLIENT’ – a fledgling menswear publication with only 5 released issues. This is clearly an accomplishment any stylist would be proud of, how do you hope to follow such an impressive achievement?

GM: I just moved to France so I’m about to have a new start to my life. I hope to keep publishing in good magazines as I did up until now and to have the opportunity of collaborating with new photographers. I’ve also been a part of Fiasco’s team since last December, which is very exciting

Elysium(E): A place or state of perfect happiness - When are you at your happiest?

GM: As I do have two sides, I will give two different answers. I’m 100% happy when I am relaxing with my family and I am happy when I party like ‘crazy’ with my best friends

*Featured in FAULT _ Photography: Luciano Insua _ Model: Alexandra @ Francina _

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