Christopher Kane AW2012 - elysium.e Review

Christopher Kane is quite simply a Scottish fashion aficionada who just keeps on giving. A creative who’s penchant for respectable knee-lengths and tasteful pattern manipulation seems to seasonally endear another hall full of difficult fashion critics. After a steady start to this Fall 2012 offering, each look begins to masterfully merge to the next, a black canvas eventually flourishing into colour. A sense of steady elation swooned by Kane’s masterful hand at embellishment, a quality that seems to ripple his heavy involvement with a certain Donatella Versace.

These iridescent and embellished surfaces are cleanly escorted between prominent leather tube seaming. Tailored boarders that stand proud from each piece, a quality that seems to suggest the Oil Slick sheen is being held into place. An interesting 'formed & fluid' contrast to consider via a leather banding that underpins this entire collection. Eventually the Oil Slick finish evolves into a more recognisable floral decoration, with sizable rose plumes offering a feminine touch to contoured looks.

The concluding exits define a collection colour palette, with Kane’s palatable body decorations providing an attainable modern glamour. Christopher has always been aware of his highly attuned customer, a girl entirely aware and most probably a part of the industry. A customer with a subtle smugness, a girl disinterested in being a questionable beacon of an over dramatised ensemble. The Kane clientele sheds her designer shackles, her lobes remain light and her chest is tastefully covered or elegantly bare, this dear reader is the optimum in London ready-to-wear fashion.

Words: Scott Goldthorpe