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“ Everything already exists in the past, its about redefining what has gone before to create a vision of the future. ”


A graduate of the Marangoni's school in Milan, Simona Carippo has taken no hostages in her pursuit of styling perfection. A freelance creative, with a dogged determination and passion for the industry in which she has quickly begun to make a name for herself. Beginning with a classic and considered foundation, Simona builds with the introduction of somewhat innovative pieces designed by the likes of Federicca Moretti and Christian Dorigatti

With an impressive back catalogue of works featured in internationally renowned publications, its an edge of your seat moment in anticipation for what might follow. Well, to stem said anticipation, we thought we'd have a quick chat with the styling starlet herself to see what - amongst other things - might be next in the pipeline




*TENDECIAS TROPICALIA ISSUE Cover Story with Photographer Marcelo Capezzano

ElysiumEditorial: To the uneducated amongst us, how would you dissect your stylist role, in relation to what you contribute to a shoot?

SimonaCarippo: I am the source of Black Sunshine

EE: A sterling sense of personal style is typically an inherent quality, is styling a trade only viable to this naturally fashionable crowd?

SC: I think that a talent such as styling - or anything in the creative spectrum for that matter - is something that you have inside of you from birth

EE: Milan is currently the city in which you reside, on an artistic level do you feel this is the best place for you to be?

SC: Yes for a young stylist it's the best place to start a career, but in my future I certainly see New York

I will always look upon Milan fondly as the place that sparked my interest in the industry. Memories of flicking through magazines with my mum as a child are always fresh in my mind.
It’s peculiar knowing I have the opportunity to make the magazines now, not only marvel at them




*CLIENT MAGAZINE ISSUE #3 Cover Story with Photographer Saverio Cardia

EE: Which shoot from your portfolio, do you feel best represents your styling aesthetic?

SC: The cover shoot of Client Magazine with top model Sean O'Pry - I was inspired by the creations of designer and good friend Alessandro Mengozzi

EE: There really is a plethora of things to consider in an editorial, concept, model, garments, locations etc how do you strike the perfect balance?

SC: The perfect balance is a natural occurrence when you have the perfect team. When a photographer, stylist, model, make-up artist and hairstylist are on the same page, it’s a relatively easy balancing act

EE: You have worked alongside such striking models as Sebastian Suave and Sean O’Pry. We assume it’s difficult not to be inspired by such perfection? What would typically inspire your work?

Of course working with such beauty makes my job a lot easier, but perfection is such a subjective thing, I always follow my heart when I’m styling

EE: How do you see the industry aesthetic developing in the future?

SC: I think that everything already exists in the past, its about redefining what has gone before to create a vision of the future. Fashions change, but the sign of a good stylist is their ability to maintain and be true to their own identity and aesthetic

EE: It’s a well known fact that it’s such a challenge for fledgling designers to survive in the industry, is it quiet as testing for the stylist counterpart? Would you have any tips for anyone hoping to pursue such a pathway?

SC: Of course this industry is a competitive one, first of all you need a lot of determination and perseverance. Good energy and a positive attitude is key. I'm a great believer that real talent will always get recognised no matter what

EE: Favourites: Fashion Designer (specifically when it comes to incorporating their garments into your work) / Photographer / Artist / Musician?

SC: Photographer's: Mert & Marcus and Emilio Tini - who I feel is the best italian talent around at the moment

Fashion Designer's: Rick Owens, Comme des Garcons, Gareth Pugh, Dries Van Noten, YSL and of course Lanvin

I couldn't possibly choose one favorite artist or musician in particular, there would be far too many to list


*Inspiration ___ Mert & Marcus. Emilio Tini.

EE: Do you have a muse, fashion related or otherwise?

SC: I have many people I look up too and admire. For example women such as Patty Wilson for being one of the greatest styling minds to date and Pina Bausch who was a leading influence in the early years of modern dance

In the end though I try not to take inspiration from others, I even avoid buying magazines nowadays so as not to subconsciously pick up the work methods of other creatives

My principal muse is my emotional state

EE: Best advice you have ever been given?

SC: I know that my answer is an obvious one, but the best advice I can give anyone is to truly believe in themselves and their abilities

EE: After your work, what is your best talent?

SC: I love to paint and draw - not sure whether I'm particularly good at it, but its a hobby I enjoy

EE: If someone wrote your biography, what would you think the title should be?





*Personal Shoot with Photographer Stefano Viti

EE: ESSENTIAL HOMME, FIASCO, TENDENCIAS, PF, and CLIENT – care to tell us what might be next in the pipeline?

SC: Schön! Magazine and again Essential Homme with a surprise!

Simona Carippo