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“ I remember going to see a menswear show, I hated the collection but the ballet slippers on the male models were really inspiring - ideas definitely germinate from peculiar sources. ”


Mr. Darryl Rodrigues is no rookie creative, with over 15 years experience in the industry, it’s clear to see why this creative juggernaut has graced the pages of many a publication with his almost theatrical approach to garment styling. Upon completion of his MFA, Darryl moved to Paris with the intention of building upon his Fashion Design foundations. New to the city he began meeting young, innovative photographers, these individuals saw a fashion visionary in Darryl, a visionary with an impeccable taste for fashion styling and an innate ability to manipulate garments. Almost completely by accident his career as a stylist ensued, ultimately seeing him contribute to various international Fashion Magazines and Brands in Paris, Italy and Japan




ElysiumEditorial: To the uneducated amongst us, how would you dissect your stylist role, in relation to what you contribute to a shoot?

DarrylRodrigues: The stylist role I would say is to work very closely with the photographer and the rest of the team to get the best out of them and to ultimately create great images. In many respects it’s like a Great chef, putting all the right ingredients together to make a delicious dish. The stylist has to make sure the team gives the best they can to accomplish great results

EE: A sterling sense of personal style is typically an inherent quality, is styling a trade only viable to this naturally fashionable crowd?

DR: Not necessarily no, although at the same time
I guess a person with a strong personal style will have an innate ability to be more innovative and creative in their thought process than a person with very little personal style

EE: Speaking of your personal style, what do you find yourself wearing on a daily basis and on reflection do you feel your own appearance consciously or subconsciously affects the aesthetic you create?

DR: Well, I have certainly ruined a lot of great clothes on shoots, so no fancy 500 dollar Rick Owens pants on the job for me, unless I know I will have the assistant kneeling and adjusting the hems of trousers as opposed to myself. On a job I find myself wearing my good old jeans and t-shirts, lived in clothes are the most comfortable to work in. On a daily basis I have my favourite flea market leather jacket which I have had for years, and selected pieces from Rick Owens, Marc Jacobs and Margiela

Yes I definitely feel that my appearance on a shoot is important, it sets the tone, it could potentially be inspiring to the team, everybody on a shoot needs to sense that they are about to work on something great




EE: Paris is currently the city in which you reside, on an artistic level do you feel this is the best place for you to be?

DR: Paris has worked for me because deep in my heart I am a very classical thinker in terms of what I create. It’s a city of great architecture, museums, art, and fashion, obviously this is all massively inspirational

Paris will always be the Fashion Capital. Recently I have also noticed a lot of small boutiques/galleries opening up, for example in the Marais district with young and innovative designers/artists behind them. They are the new creative blood of this great capital

EE: Where would an editorial concept typically germinate – would it perhaps be a piece of clothing, a model or a location?

Editorial ideas, yes can germinate from a lot of different sources. I remember going to see a menswear show, I hated the collection but the ballet slippers on the male models were really inspiring. Sometimes a stylist can meet a new model, whose personality and look can be so inspiring, you absolutely want to create a story to shoot the model in

EE: Do you have any particularly peculiar non fashion focused inspirations?

DR: I'm generally inspired by the typical stuff really, music, architecture, travel, people are a great course of inspiration

EE: Favorites: Fashion Designer (specifically when it comes to incorporating their garments into your work) / Photographer / Artist / Musician?

DR: Without question Comme des Garcons, hands down Rei Kawakubo has continued to be a force to be reckoned with, her collections are truly inspiring / Photographer : Richard Avedon & Irving Penn / Artist: Lucien Freud & Elizabeth Peyton / Musician : Kurt Cobain


*Inspiration ___ Richard Avedon.

EE: There’s a real sense of understated grandeur in your work, from lace on a male form, to beaded billowing gowns upon your female models. Do you feel you have a signature style that seems to underpin all your work to date?

DR: Well a lot of people say to me that they recognize a certain style in my work, although I must say that I never consciously set out to do this on the images I create. I always go with my instinct and never question it, so I guess with this I am able to create a signature style

EE: How would a stylist maintain said signature style when the industries seasonal trends alter so often?

Being true to oneself.....

EE: Your work for Sleek certainly seems to be pushing some innovative boundaries, where do you see fashion progressing in 2011?

DR: Well hopefully we will see fashion continuing to progress, pushed by new boundary breaking publications like Sleek. The magazines in turn will be an outlet for new photographers and stylists to express their visions. I think new fashion creatives will set up their own websites to promote their work, rather than the classic way of getting an agent to promote them

EE: We spotted an interesting use of multimedia within one of your menswear editorials – is it important for all aspects of the creative industry to combine their crafts?

DR: I would not say that it is necessary, but when there is a thoughtful combination of layered crafts, the results can only be interesting




*SLEEK MAGAZINE ISSUE #25 with Photographer Jean-François Lepage

EE: Do you have a fashion faux pas you wish to purge?

DR: I really hate flip flops in the city and men’s socks with motifs, a particular favourite of French men

EE: Best advice you have ever been given?

DR: Listen to your instincts

EE: After your work, what is your best talent?

DR: I'm a pretty good cook

EE: If someone wrote your biography, what would you think the title should be?


Elysium (E): A place or state of perfect happiness – When are you at your happiest?

DR: On a plane to an unknown destination, I’m always open to discovery


Darryl Rodrigues