Stylist ___ Sleek. VAGA. Zoot.

“ A 90's grunge youth in a suit. ”





*Zoot Magazine Shoot

ElysiumEditorial: To the uneducated amongst us, how would you dissect your stylist role, in relation to what you contribute to a shoot?

RubénMoreira: When I’m coordinating my own shoot, I work as a puzzle maker, pick the right photographer, model and clothes for each aesthetic and shoot. In other occasions I'm just a piece in the production puzzle, collecting and styling the right clothes for a certain concept

EE: As a London based stylist, do you feel artistically this is the right place for you to be?

RM: I would rather see myself somewhere else soon, I guess it is the perfect utopia to start as you have loads of different approaches around you. Although better markets and creative environments have more respect to you as a stylist, for example New York and Paris

EE: There really seems to be 1,000,001 artistic things happening in this creative hub – anything currently that you are particularly excited about?

RM: There's a new shift, a new approach happening in fashion, most probably related with all the drama around us, it’s starting to take over our heads. I’m really excited to become part of this new shift – the changing of concepts and aesthetics in different creative areas deeply related with money making, such as music and fashion, a new ignition

EE:It’s a well known fact that it’s such a challenge for fledgling designers to survive in the industry, is it quiet as testing for the stylist counterpart?

RM: Of course – you constantly need to assess the balance of freedom of expression in your work with the commercial elements of it all

EE: Your imagery is incredibly endearing, your models and styling is sensitive and authentic – do you personally feel you have a signature style?

RM: I hope so! I believe that your signature and touch is a visual representation of the way you think and respond to everything around you, what influences you from day to day

EE: Plimsolls with extravagant Maxi-lengths, plastic carrier bags beside high fashion layering & luxurious silks worn with unkempt hair. These extreme contradictions made for a sublime editorial for ZOOT Magazine - Could you explain the concept and sources from which you styled this shoot?

RM: That was an editorial to represent the new-upcoming designer's in Portugal and their collections. We wanted to express the 90's rave sense of adolescent rebellion, willing to break every boarder around them




*Shoot for The Ones2Watch with Photographer Matilde Travassos

EE:‘Destino: The hidden power believed to control what will happen in the future; fate’ – Do you believe in the power of fate?

RM: I believe that destiny/fate assumes all your acts and thoughts, so I believe that hidden power is more inside our head and motivation rather than a supernatural entity

EE: Where do your ideas germinate – do you have any particularly peculiar inspirations?

RM: Everything that surrounds me is a source of inspiration. Of course the work of certain designers, artists, authors and photographers will be a major influence as a developing stylist. It’s a question of how you filter the information surrounding you, selecting the bits that will make a positive creative change in your thoughts, after all most of the information bombarding us is more useless than useful

EE: On reflection, do you find your personal style consciously or subconsciously affects the aesthetic you create? How would you describe your personal style?

RM: Yes, of course it affects the aesthetics, it has to - a stylist has to have a reason to exist in the industry, an expression, a touch, something that makes him an individual creative that creates fashion influences. Well, I think I might describe me as a “90's grunge youth in a suit” - I enjoy playing with clothing paradoxes

EE: Favourites: Fashion Designer (specifically when it comes to incorporating their garments into your work) / Photographer / Artist / Musician?

RM: Raf Simons, Paolo Roversi, Vito Acconci, Sonic Youth


*Inspiration ___ Paolo Roversi.

EE: You don’t only create for publications, recently working with rookie designer duo ‘MARTA&PAULO’ for a recent lookbook. What did you hope to contribute to their young, raw and effortless designs?

RM: I just wanted to transmit that personal sense of unfinished that describes their collection, keeping a real minimalistic image

EE: Speaking of publications, there are SO many creative platforms around currently – digitally and in print – do you believe one particular publication ticks all the boxes?

RM: I think it’s impossible to achieve perfection, for a publication to tick all the standard boxes. There's always something that could be done better. Although that is what keeps us moving forward – the excitement of being perfect, it’s a continuous chase. Some magazines get really close, but I think we lost a bit of that 90's mentality and excitement of buying the next I-D or Dutch Magazine, that would influence us deeply. Maybe there's an excessive amount of publications right now

EE: Do you have a muse, fashion related or otherwise?

RM: The people around me of course, my references and my daily glimpses

EE: Best advice you have ever been given?

RM: To stop drinking

EE: What makes you feel the most alive?

RM: Work

EE: After your work, what is your best talent?

RM: Carpe diem


Rubén Moreira