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“ We don't have time to talk, everything is so shallow and superficial, everything is based on money. ”





ElysiumEditorial: Hi, how are things in Magda Bryk’s world?

MagdaBryk: Hi, at the moment super busy, my holidays are way overdue

EE: What is currently on your mind?

MB: Portia Freeman – a fantastic model I'm working with on Friday. I’m in the process of calling in samples for her. Think AW11 Dolce and Gabbana, all very exciting

EE: So London, do you feel this location is artistically the right place to be?

MB: Well, it is definitely one of few. London is a great place for young people to explore their style, meet fantastic people and make the first step into the industry. Definitely an artistically open-minded city, a place with a lot of freedom to do what you want to do. I don't know if it's a good place to earn the money though

EE: How and when did you first become aware of your styling prowess?

MB: Styling is something you need to practice. A stylist most certainly needs a strong sense of self confidence and the drive to push them self harder in every new shoot

EE: What inspires your work? Do you have any peculiar inspirations?

MB: Well, not really. Inspirations just come naturally from everywhere. Sometimes it's a film I've seen, sometimes it’s a person I have met and often it’s the clothes I have seen on the catwalk

Recently I've done a lot of research on how dreams can inspire an artist. This research has shown that dreams have always had a huge influence on painters, musicians and even mathematicians. Unfortunately, I don't remember my dreams – so at the moment I guess that cannot be technically classed as an inspiration

EE: What characteristics do you feel make a good stylist?

MB: It’s not only about being a creative thinker, but you also have to be organized and know how to chase pr's. To get the best clothes you really have to fight for them, but at the same time be extremely polite and nice. Also, again, self-confidence and believing that what you are doing is the best, that really helps

EE: Can a stylist’s work be instantly recognisable as their own? If so how would you describe your personal aesthetic in relation to the styling qualities of your work?

MB: It is important to have your own style, in relation to getting the clients to appreciate said style. My style is minimal and neat. I am a bit scared of patterns too, but like I said, it’s all about practicing and learning from shoot to shoot



The sketching and photo collage in your editorial ‘Numbers,’ was striking, were these visual effects created by your own hand?

Oh no! its not me, I cant draw or sketch. I wish I could be talented in this field. It was the amazing Agnieszka Zuzanna Gasior who created these

EE: Which shoot from your portfolio, do you feel best represents you’re styling aesthetic? Where did the concept for the shoot germinate and how did it progress to the visuals?

MB: Every single shoot from my portfolio represents me, my mood or my feelings at that moment or time in my life. It’s impossible to choose one, which I can identify with the most. Every single one is different but at the same time they have a similar stylistic signature/denominator. That’s what people like in my work. It’s familiar, it’s recognizable

EE: Your editorial ‘Stranger on the Shore,’ almost feels like a dreamy, sunny Sunday by the coast - including flower adorned caps of course - how did this shoot materialise and what was the basic concept?

MB: That is quite funny. There was no concept at the begging. We had the model and the location - Warsaw next to the Vistula River – and a small tidy collection of clothes. I really don’t know why, but in my head I could see the flowers. They were there all the time and even though I was trying to approach the concept from a different perspective the flowers were still there. Eventually I mentioned the flowers to the photographer ‘Alena Jascanka’ and she loved the idea. The only place for the flowers I could think about was on his head. I didn't want to put many clothes on Filip, as it was boiling hot, so I was playing with his face and head, decorating these parts with the fake flowers




EE: How would you describe your personal style and on reflection, do you find your style consciously or subconsciously affects the aesthetic you create?

MB: What an interesting thought. I think my styles very classic, feminine and minimalist, so yes, I suppose my style does echo in my work. I suppose my work is simply a better version of me

EE: Do you have any fashion faux pas you wish to purge?

MB: I don’t remember any, I used to be a punk rock girl when I was 15 but that doesn't count, and I loved it at the time. I never try too hard. I enjoy clothes, but to be honest, they don't really play that big a role in my life. I have so much other stuff to do. I have plenty of clothes, and I love shopping but they just have to work with me and my body - I always live by the saying "Less is more!"

EE: Favourites: Fashion Designer (specifically when it comes to incorporating their garments into your work) / Photographer / Artist / Musician?

MB: Oh there are so many people I appreciate. I love Stella McCartney and Chloe, love their cuts and natural and soft colours. John Galliano, hot topic now, but I find his designs absolutely amazing, beautiful performances. I need to mention Agnieszka Maciejak here, she is my really good polish friend, fantastic designer, you must check out her work

EE: Best advice you have ever been given?

MB: Work hard, meet a lot of people, and focus on quality over quantity. Also, the fashion world is SO small, it’s worth being nice and polite to the people you meet, their opinion of you will last your entire career. People in fashion love a gossip

EE: What do you most dislike about contemporary life...

MB: It's too fast. We don’t have time to sit down and think about ourselves and others. We don't have time to talk, everything is so shallow and superficial, everything is based on money

EE: What do you most enjoy about the age that we live in...

MB: Planes, we can go anywhere we want, and it doesn't take 2 weeks. In a few hours we can be anywhere in the world, now that’s amazing

EE: What makes you laugh...

MB: My friends make me laugh a whole lot, I love that

EE: What makes you cry...

MB: when I see the suffering of vulnerable creatures

EE: Heaven is...

MB: When you are happy and safe

Ask yourself a question & answer that question:

MB: If you weren’t a stylist, you would be.....

I would move to go to the Amazon and live with the Shaman. I would like to explore myself and my mind more – I’d honestly consider it


Magdalena Bryk