Stylist ___ The Ones2Watch.

“ Fashion is a dream and it's different for everyone. ”





Hi, how are things in Sakke Hytönen’s world?

*Everything is just fine - the sun is shining again in Finland

What is currently on your mind?

*Ice cream

So Helsinki, do you feel this location is artistically the right place to be and how is the fashion landscape looking here?

*Artistically Helsinki is super innovative and there are many talented and inspiring people around the city, but then again fashion wise I’m sure there are better places to be

How and when did you first become aware of your styling prowess?

*I began working as a stylist at the end of 2008, first as an assistant but pretty soon getting more and more responsibility. I've been very lucky in being able to work with the right people

What inspires your work? Do you have any peculiar inspirations?

*I really do find inspiration in everything and anything. It can be a rusted piece of metal or an old man smoking a pipe that I find my inspiration from

What characteristics do you feel make a good stylist?

*The most important thing is that you need to be good with people. You have to have an eye for the smallest detail and for the set and the story as a whole

Can a stylist’s work be instantly recognisable as their own? If so how would you describe your personal aesthetic in relation to the styling qualities of your work?

*I don't think a stylist’s work should be too recognisable as their own. It has to be at least a bit different every time, depending on the rest of the team. I like giving space to play with lights and expressions and try to create a certain emotion to each picture as a whole. As a result I feel I have a quality of timelessness and a quite minimal edge in the pictures I’m involved in

How would you describe your personal style and on reflection, do you find your style consciously or subconsciously affects the aesthetic you create?

*I guess my personal style does affect my aesthetic, I’d describe my personal style as experimental but classic. I trust in fine cuts and nice pieces. I like to be comfortable so I never overdo it

Favourites: Fashion Designer (specifically when it comes to incorporating their garments into your work) / Photographer / Artist / Musician?

*Fashion Designer would definitely be Damir Doma, he is a true genius

Photographer wise - I really like Willy Vanderperre

Egon Schiele and Helene Schjerfbeck are truly inspirational artists

Musician, always Bob Dylan


Inspirations ___ Damir Doma. Egon Schiele. Helene Schjerfbeck.

Your editorial ‘Backyard Love’ has a storyboard feel about it, a modernised twist on the chronicle of ‘Romeo & Juliet.’ Do you see these narrative editorials as a progression from a simple styling shoot?

*I've always hated taking pictures of clothes. It's not enough. Fashion is not only about pretty clothes, there is so much more. I want to create personalities in the models and emit an emotion to the readers

Faded colours and worn materials were quoted on ‘The Ones 2 Watch’ as influences upon your work. Your simple, stripped back, crisp approach to styling seems to echo reality in this testing time for many. Shouldn’t fashion be all about opulence and drama, a means of escaping everyday drudgery?

*Fashion is a dream and it's different for everyone. I love the power of great drama in pictures, but still I don't find it do be a quality of my styling. I like doing research of historical styles and giving them new twists or combining women’s and men’s to find a new interesting aesthetic. I try to process and reprocess my influences until the starting point is just the very smallest hint

Where do you see fashion progressing in 2011?

*This is a tough one, I’m sure they’ll be vast developments due to some recent changes in the fashion houses. But thinking of the editorials, photography and modelling I guess it's getting to be more positive and life like. There’s a clear idea of photographs being a happy medium between a backstage image and a fully polished editorial vibe

Best advice you have ever been given?

*When doing anything, never cut corners, do it as good as you can




What do you most dislike about contemporary life...Everyone is thinking about money too much

What do you most enjoy about the age that we live in...Finally there is this concept of real love - for example royalties can marry normal people

What makes you laugh...My friend’s

What makes you cry...Almost anything - I'm such a cry baby

If someone was to write your biography, what would you think the title should be...Peter Pan of our times

Heaven is...to love and to be loved

Ask yourself a question & answer that question:

What is coming next in Sakke Hytönen life?

There is still so much to learn. I would like to move to Paris or London and assist some great stylist’s like Olivier Rizzo and Panos Yiapanis


Sakke Hytonen