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“ Don’t find rational reasons why to love someone, you have to be driven ”

Isn't it rejuvenating when you stumble across astonishing editorial work, works so vivid, powerful and passionate. Styling with a heavy dose of attitude, photographs that make you realize why you care so dearly for the industry of fashion and creativity. Born and raised in Jordan - Kuwait, Mody fuses his roots with Western fashion, pop culture and music. Moving from Rome to Paris, Amsterdam, Berlin and finally settling in New York, he has styled for Nike, Qvest, Winq, GQ Russia and The One 2 Watch amongst many others.

With zesty editorial work and an impressive client back catalogue, we rather expected an half hearted response to our little old ElysiumE Interview. Weren't we so very, very wrong! Read on to marvel at this lovely gents work and keep those eyes tuned onto ElysiumE, for an exclusive peek at what Mody Al Khufash has recently been working on...



Hi Mody, how are you...

*Very well, somewhat excited

What is currently on your mind...

*Priests & witches

How did you first become involved in the industry, when did you become aware of your styling prowess...

*It all happened spontaneously whilst living in Amsterdam. A photographer - whom later become a very dear friend - asked me to style a men’s fashion photo shoot which he was organizing for a magazine. I had always artisticly had a good eye for details and he wanted me to give it a try. It was my first photo shoot ever, it was alot of fun, but I admit I really didn't know what I was doing. Anyway it turned out that the editors liked the photos and chose it as the cover story, on the back of this I got some small jobs here & there. I soon realized it could be more than just a hobby, though it took me years to decide to persue it as a career

Where you are now, anything particularly exciting going on there that we should know about...

*In a transition at the moment – after almost 5 years living in Berlin I decided to take a step further and try New York. Berlin will always be my home and a source of inspiration. In spring & summer Berlin to me is the most exciting place to be, I was very weary of leaving the city at all. Heres a tip, If you have a spare week or two in summer – try to spend them in Berlin. There is a lot to do, specially in big open spaces

Do you have any peculiar inspirations that feed your creative process...

*Everything can inspire my work, such as music, partying, movies, art, my moods, friends, traveling and so on
One thing leads to the other and from the combination of two or more, emerges a new interesting dynamic

Subjectively, what makes a good stylist...

*First I think you have to have it in you, then you have to know how to use it correctly. A stylist must be Well connected & resourced . Able to communicate ideas to others in a creative team in order to realize the visuals

Where do you source your garments...

*Showrooms , young designers , vintage stores , custom made….

Favourite: Fashion Designer (specifically when it comes to incorporating their garments into your work) / Photographer / Artist / Musician?

*Fashion wise I currently have my eyes glued on Damir Doma

Photographers : Willy Vonderperre, Daniele+Iango, Therese + Joel, Sebastian Faena and Reed & Rader

As for artists I really like instillations of Olafur Eliasson & performances of Marina Abramovic

Music : MATER SUSPIRIA VISION - funky videos too

How would you describe your personal style and on reflection, do you find your style consciously or subconsciously affects the aesthetic you create...

*Hhmmm I try to wear comfortable clothing, monochromic, settled, nothing too loud - I’m more into details & textures , layering & shapes. There are for sure hints of my personal style in my work but not exactly a direct one. The affects & source of the aesthetic I create is based on ideas that are not just fashion or personal style related. What ever the inspiration may be, I'm always consciously translating them into fashion terms

Which shoot from your portfolio, do you feel best represents your styling aesthetic? Where did the concept for the shoot germinate and how did it progress to the visuals...

*My favorite is still the SZ magazine editorial spread, which was shot in a village in the south of Germany 'Oberammergau.' DG Uomo at that time were celebrating their 20th year anniversary - in the same period in Oberammergau the residents of the village were preparing for the 7 hours play ‘Passionsspiele’ translated ’passion play' which is staged every 10 years for a big number of visitors.
The magazine editors decided to produce an editorial combining the 2 subjects. To me the subject, 'Tradition’ connected the two so I decided to create a historical inspired style through layering. From having had access to the DG Uomo archives the idea was perfected to the point. Luckily It all worked really well with the surroundings of the village. DG featured our spread as one of the best press clippings world wide on their website – which of course is flattering




Best advice you have ever been given...

*In the matter of love : 'don’t find rational reasons why to love someone, you have to be driven'

Do you have a muse, fashion related or otherwise...

*My dear friend louis – he stimulates other sides of me

What do you most dislike about contemporary life... Time seems to be going faster and faster, it feels like everything is being rushed and there is hardly any time to reflect

What do you most enjoy about the age that we live in... Internet & Technology

What makes you laugh... I really like to laugh & be around people who make me laugh

What makes you cry... Many things make me sad but when I cry it’s not necessarily the effect of a bad thing

If someone was to write your biography, what would you think the title should be... You’ve come a long way baby & there is much more to come

Heaven is... dancing to great music on a dance floor

Ask yourself a question & answer that question:

Was it worth it... Every bit of it

Mody Al Khufash