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“ No soup is eaten as hot as it’s served ”

It seems the only recurring quality we find in these stylist types, is a feverish appetite for anything caffeine based. Well, that and an effortless ability to throw a whole bunch of toggery together and make it look effortless and believable

Yet again for your viewing pleasure we’ve gone and had a delightful yet not so private tête-à-tête with the effortlessly talented Jessica Klimach. With a career in the industry originating at German Cosmopolitan, Jessica soon realised it was her calling to manipulate existing garments, bringing a new context to a designers original concept, styling shoots for Prim, VNFOLD and Zink amongst others. Combining a vibrancy, a youthfulness and a confidence with a bewildering heel that will have you weeping at the very site of it

May I quickly just add – whilst you’re reading and clearly very interested in what ElysiumE have to say – a HUGE thank you to all the stylists that have been involved on the site as yet, and the ongoing interest of our readers. Anyhow, on with these fanciful fashion frolics...



Hi Jessica, how are you...

I´m good, thanks!

What is currently on your mind...

I'm desperate for a coffee

Your beginnings in the industry / How did you become aware of your styling prowess...

I studied fashion design at university, but realized very quickly that I´m more interested in working with clothes that are already there, giving them a new appeal or bringing them into a new context

During my fashion design studies I did an internship at German Cosmopolitan in Munich and decided afterwards to become a stylist

Where you are now, anything particularly exciting going on there that we should know about...

Nothing instantly springs to mind. Personally I'm just enjoying my working life and everything that goes with the city

Do you have any peculiar inspirations....

As generic as this may sound, I get inspiration from everywhere, daily life, movies, magazines, books. I find inspiration just seems to pop out of everywhere

Subjectively, what attributes do you feel a budding stylist requires...

Great clothes and letting the clothes look interesting and extravagant on the model. Having a creative vision and most importantly working together and bouncing ideas between the photographer, hair & make-up, yourself and even the model

Where do you source your garments...

For my personal wardrobe I incorporate a great mix of Scandinavian designers, for editorials I source internationally, Paris, Milan and London

Favourite: Fashion Designer / Photographer / Musician...

Every season there are always one or two designers that thrill me the most, but in general I would go for the classics: YSL, Prada, Miu Miu, Jil Sander, Celine, Dries van Noten

Photographer: still Helmut Newton, also Inez van Lamsweerde & Vinoodh Matadin, Paola Kudacki and Andreas Sjödin

Musician: Always and forever Morrissey

How would you describe your personal style and on reflection, do you find your style consciously or subconsciously affects the aesthetic you create...

Personally I prefer a more boyish look, but as I adore handbags and shoes it´s always in combination with a cool handbag and great pair of heels. It´s true that a shoe makes an outfit

I don´t know if my personal style affects the aesthetic I create..maybe..I find I place slightly more attention on picking the best shoe for a specific look. I always try to keep it simple yet quirky

In general I kind of like the Scandinavian way of styling, it´s always reduced but cool

Where do you see 2011 fashion going...

At the moment we have a lot of block colours, mix and match of patterns. It feels a bit like "The Jetson’s" adapted to 2011

Which shoot from your portfolio, do you feel best represents your styling aesthetic...

Three shoots: the one I did recently for VNFOLD with Silviu Tolu, the moody blues shoot for Zink and the crave shoot for Prim. For VNFOLD the inspiration was late 80s/early 90s youth culture, denim, blacks, layering, buttoned up, pop culture. For moody blues (Zink) I thought about dressed up grunge and the crave shoot (Prim) was originally planned as a beauty & hair shoot with less styling but we ended up with a little more styling than first expected

Best advice you have ever been given...

From my mother: "no soup is eaten as hot as it´s served." Which is a German saying, meaning nothing is as bad as it first appears

Do you have a muse, fashion related or otherwise...

Me, myself and I ;)

No, seriously, for my private life I found it always inspiring to talk to my grandmother and my Great-Aunt Rosi




What do you most dislike about contemporary life... Superficiality 

What do you most enjoy about the age that we live in... Freedom to choose what to do, where to go

What makes you laugh... A dinner with good friends

What makes you cry... Unfairness

Heaven is... a Sunday nap

Ask yourself a question & answer that question:

Do you feel lucky?


Jessica Klimach