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“ Be friendly with everyone you meet, you never know where they might be one day! ”

Once in a while, we converse with a stylist whose story we can relate to on so many levels. A fashion school student who failed to graduate, yet now finds his work amongst the pages of such desirable magazines as Flux, BMM and Winq. It seems that an innate feeling for how garments hang, allows Bodo to be more au fait with styling and building an image than constructing the garments within it. Working with Pieces from Dior Homme to Carin Wester, Bodo has a personable approach to styling, creating a relaxed yet youthful aesthetic with a subtle approach to the clothing. His work is ‘on the point,’ as is his adventurous and determined approach to life. It seems there is still hope for this fashion school reject, so long as I take a chapter out of Bodo’s book.



Hi Bodo, How are you?

*Good, thanks

What is currently on your mind?

*Far too much...

What would a standard day in your life entail?

*A shower, a breakfast, a lot of organization, contacting and meeting people, generally mundane daily tasks

In which Country/City are you currently based? Is there anything particularly exciting going on there that we should know about?

*Right now I am based in Berlin again. I already lived here in 1999, but it was a very different place back then. Berlin has changed a lot. Everyone perceives this city as a trendy and buzzing place to be. This is why all the people, who consider themselves as hip move here, which at times is annoying. I’m exhausted by all these party-people and party-tourists, running around (not only on at the weekend) with beer-bottles in public, totally drunk
I have lived in both Munich and Paris. I have to say I miss the tidiness and snugness of Munich as well as being so close to the mountains. I also desperately miss the Fashion and Beauty of Paris
To be honest it’s in my nature to grumble about the city I live in. Berlin can offer you a high quality of life, as it’s a relatively inexpensive city to live in. Every area is different, so you can choose how you want to live. You can do party until the early hours three days on the trot, or just go to the cinema, have a nice dinner with friends or visit an exhibition
Somehow I have a love-hate relationship with Berlin. I travel al lot and love to be in other cities and countries, to get inspirations and ideas there and bring them back to my current place of residence

When did you become aware of your styling prowess?

*Actually it was all quiet random, when I finished school I started an apprenticeship as a retailer in a big department store in Stuttgart, where I worked for quite a while. After some years there, I wanted to do something "more creative." So I moved to Berlin, started to study fashion design, to find out that it was really not my thing. I was absolutely not into tailoring and constructing. At this time a friend worked in Munich for one of the biggest German Teen-Girl-magazines. After deciding I really hated the fashion-school, I quit the course, packed my bags again and moved to Munich to start an internship there. So this was how it all started
From there I moved to Paris, where I started to work as a freelance correspondent for different German magazines. This opened the door to the Parisian Fashion industry and I started to produce my first editorials for International magazines

What makes a good stylist?

*Great clothes and a good team

Is styling an instinctive skill or is it a little more complicated than that?

*You need a feeling for aesthetics, colours and shape. Knowing which clothes work on the models form and for that particular location

How would you describe your styling aesthetic? Do you feel you create a certain ‘look?’

*I just do it, I’m quite aware my work is rather pure and simple. People tell me my styling is ‘on the point,’ I’d probably agree with that observation

Do you have a favourite designer, in relation to how often you incorporate their pieces into your work?

*There are a couple I’m really fond of. It always depends on the season and collection. Some all-time-favourites would have to be Lanvin, Dries van Noten, Yves Saint Laurent, Balmain, Kris van Assche, Dior Homme, Givenchy, Balenciaga, Prada, and Jil Sander. It would be great to work with some of them more often actually

'Fractal Zoom,' is a visual delight. What was the concept behind the shoot and the completed composition of the story?

*Oh! Flattered to hear you like it. We had this rotten backyard full of graffiti in Paris and wanted to create a sexy street wear story. As the yard was deserted we could create these intimate moments. It´s all shot with natural light

To date does one shoot stand out as the most successful?

*There really are so many, maybe the last one with Gen Huismans for BMM magazine

Generally in life, what is the best advice you have ever been given?

*‘Trust in yourself!’ is maybe a good one and ‘Honesty is the best policy.’ Though I’m not sure anyone’s ever given me these. I can give some advice, a lot of people should maybe take it to their heart and that is to ‘Be friendly with everyone you meet, you never know where they will be one day!’




What is the theme tune of your life?

*There is a new one every day, today it´s a cheesy one: ‘Don´t worry, be happy’ by Bobby Mcferrin. Horrible song, but fast facts

If someone was to write your biography, what would you think the title should be? 

*This is something the writer has to think about...

What do you most enjoy about the age we live in?

*Internet and cheap travel

What do you most dislike about contemporary life?

*I dislike the ridiculous volume of offers in all areas of everyday life. There are far too many magazines, too many fashion-blogs, too many phone companies. This only creates a lot of confusion and chaos

Heaven is....

*…A place on earth (Belinda Carlisle)

Bodo Ernle