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“ I try to run away from every common custom. I love trying something new with every shoot. ”



Hi Krzysztof, how are you? 

*Pretty well

What is currently on your mind?

*This interview. The answers I should give so the readers don't get too sleepy and so I don't sound too pretentious

What would a standard day in your life entail?

*Waking up early afternoon, checking mailbox and facebook, feeding my cat, working, cleaning, working, face book, working... facebook again...
What do you most dislike about contemporary life? 

*Peoples' attitude with their trying to be like everyone else. Systematization and putting everything into 'right' boxes

What do you most enjoy about the age that we live in? 

*Internet. It’s most probably thanks to the internet that I exist as an artist at all
Out of interest, how would you describe your personal style, as in what you wear day to day? 

*The longer I'm into fashion the less I care how I look day to day

I invest my creativity on inventing models silhouettes. I'm only interested in making sure the clothes I wear don't make me look fat and short and checking whether cat's fur is not visible on them

How would you describe your role as a fashion stylist? 

*A fashion stylist's role is to make the model look better/more interesting/beautiful. To make the clothes look fascinating by continuing the role of designers

Literally, it's not a million miles away from what a fashion photographer has to do

We just have fun with making our fantasies come true and somebody happens to pays for this

When was your first foray into fashion styling? 

*Ten years ago I played a role in a TV advert. The stylist working there liked the top I created and I was wearing that day and she offered me a job as stylist assistant at MTV, which I of course accepted

After this experience I had a long break from fashion, 4 years ago I began working again as a photographer, although not fully satisfied with any stylists ideas I began styling as well
Would you say you have a signature style and if so how do you maintain this when the industry aesthetic changes so often? 

*I try to run away from every common custom. I love trying something new with every shoot, so maybe that's the reason I don't have any problems with the aesthetics changes

How do you unlock your creativity, what inspires your work? 

*You can't tell yourself, 'Today at 3pm I'm going to find the bright idea for a new editorial.' The ideas come when you don't wait for them. I write down every single one in a notebook so I can use them when the right moment comes

Inspirations, I won't be original but usually its movies, songs, art, models, clothes and thankfully I don't have to get inspired with another photographers work

Do you have a favourite designer in relation to how often you incorporate their work into your styling?

*Nope. There's too many I love!

To date have you had one stand out shoot that instantly springs to mind as your favourite/most successful?

*Usually it's always my last shoot. You love it as you would (I imagine) a new born baby, although later you see it's not that perfect

For me one stand out shoot (but maybe not so positively) is the one when a model ran away from the shootings, I still have no idea why
Styling, hair & photography, is there a limit to your talents? Also, do you feel you favour one specific creative outlet?

*I really hope there isn't a limit. I guess you can group all of these talents with one word: FASHION

It's not painting or sculpting where you need some great manual talents. Whether I take photos, do the styling, create accessories or do the hair, I'm always implementing my good taste and ability to forget about it

These fields of creativity are placed so close to each other I don't feel like separating them or to favour one specific creative outlet

‘Pagan Poetry,’ ‘Rebels,’ ‘Wild Thing,’ all divine examples of instinctive progressive styling. How do you see this progressive aesthetic developing in 2011?

*To specify - 'Rebels' wasn't styled by me but only photographed. Sometimes I let someone style for my images if I know there a genius

In 2011 I'm planning on intently watching the trends, making sure not to imitate the looks from designers, taking and mixing the parts I like personally and letting my instinct rule
Brash backdrops, miss match pattern clash, present assured models and flashy accessories. Less may be more, yet ‘La Flor de Su Secreto,’ thankfully seems to disagree. Could you please explain the creation of this glorious editorial, from conception to realisation?

*The conception started from Pedro Almodovar movies and especially the female characters he creates, glamorous ladies, very sophisticated and not afraid to look kitschy. I like this attitude same as I like crossing the line between so called ''art'' and kitsch. It's the place where the most interesting things happen

For the final effect I had to take photos of buildings, Spanish streets, take the images of flowers and fabrics. I wanted the model looking a bit like Rossy De Palma, an actress in the old movies by Almodovar, which was the hardest job. So, in some way my role here was similar to a movie director’s job

The biggest job was the postproduction. What you see is the composition of pictures themselves, pictures of images on TV screens, pictures printed and torn to shreds and photographed again

Maybe I shouldn't tell so much about my technique
The best advice you’ve ever been given? 

*There must have been some, but I try not to listen to advisers. Even if they know something better, my photos are my photos and I know the best and what’s right for my work

What would you like to be doing in five years? 

*Working for every edition of Vogue magazine




If you were to trade places with one person for a week, famous or not famous, living or dead, real or fictional, who would it be and why?

*I think I'd trade with God. If he/she/it really exists, is there anybody else higher and living a better life...

What is the theme tune of your life?

*'Vagabond Ways' by Marianne Faithfull, although it changes so often

If we were to check your bedside table right now, what would we find?

*Cigarettes, ice tea, half-read books

If someone was to write your biography, what would you think the title should be? 

*'The Guy with the Unpronounceable Name'

Heaven is....

*… the place I'm able and lucky to create for my private usage

Krzysztof Wyzynski