Stylist ___ Tush Magazine. Feld Hommes. Sleek Magazine.

“ Lots of clothes and coffee! ”



Hi Isabelle, how are you?

Actually quite happy, after months without a break and even weekends, holidays are near now

What are you thinking of right now?

How to find a new apartment and whether it should be in Berlin or Hamburg

What would a standard day in your life entail?

Lots of clothes and coffee

What do you most dislike about contemporary life?

Too much information

What do you most enjoy about the age that we live in?

Possibilities within information

What makes you laugh?

Sunshine & love

What makes you cry?

Bambi (the movie)

How would you describe your role as a fashion stylist?

To be a storyteller

When was your first foray into fashion styling?

My cousin is a stylist too, so I assisted her during my summer vacations from the age of 14

Would you say you have a signature style and if so how do you maintain this when the industry aesthetic changes so often?

I would not call it a signature style, but I don’t like over accessorizing, so maybe that’s the only persistency you might find in my work

How do you unlock your creativity, what inspires your work?

I see inspirational things everywhere, so it’s all about keeping the eyes open

Do you have a favourite designer to incorporate into the shoots you style in?

I love Stefano Pilati’s work

To date have you had one stand out shoot that instantly springs to mind as your favourite/most successful?

My favourite is probably the ‘dead man’ story, I shot it with photographer Markus Pritzi and model was Jakob Wiechmann

Could you explain the concept and sources from which you styled the Feld Hommes shoot which included AJ & Steffen and was photographed by Markus Pritzi?

Each issue of Feld Hommes is based on a theme. The theme here was ‘growing up.’ Our inspiration was that boys like to fight, especially in their adolescence, but that this is also their way to bond with another boy. We did not want to shoot it in a coming of age kind of style, so we added some bondage and S&M elements to give the story a harder twist.

Similarly could you please clarify the story behind the feminine undertones of the Fairy Jail shoot you were involved in for Tush Magazine?

Initially the story idea was to play with some kind of sneaker fetish, but this did not work so well. So while shooting we decided to add some femininity to create something not easily understandable. Cole Mohr, the model in this story, has been in hundreds of shoots before ours, so we were also aiming at making him look different.

The best advice you’ve ever been given?

Question everything

What would you like to be doing in five years?

Luxury retirement, alternatively photographer’s agent




What is the theme tune of your life?

Never worry. Everything is going to be amazing

What keeps you up at night?

Music, movies & friends

If we were to check your bedside table right now, what would we find?

A candle, glass of water, lamp and the book: Deluxe- How Luxury Lost its Luster by Dana Thomas

Isabelle Thiry